Procedure For The Grant of Design

1. The application is examined by the design office and objections, if any, are raised thereto.

2. The certificate is issued by the design office after the objections, if any, are removed to the satisfaction of the department.

The design is renewed after ten years from the date of application .

Service by us:

1. Conducting Search: We conduct the process of search for the plant varieties which is required to be registered, to find out, if there is any plant varieties having same or having something in similar, in existence.

2. Registration: We file an application for the registration of the plant varieties on behalf of the client and conduct any other incidental and ancillary work related to the registration.

3. Licensing Assignment: We arrange the assignment of the client’s plant varieties to other person on the basis of assignment agreement. If you have a plant varieties which you to want to assign to someone, we can help you.

4. Litigation Services: We provide all the related litigation support regarding plant varieties such as drafting agreement, replies, notices, applications etc.

5. Legal Notices of Opposition and Infringement: Our service to provide the clients a way to protect its registered plant varieties from any kind off infringement.

6. Conducting Investigation and Raids: We on getting any type of infringement report conduct the investigation and upon getting sufficient reports, also get the raids conducted with the help of enforcement machinery.